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MJF 2024: a stage on the lake and a return to the Casino

The Montreux Jazz Festival is reinventing itself in the heart of the town of Montreux for its edition 2024. An eye-catching stage will be built on the lake, below the Place du Marché, offering the public a breathtaking view. The Festival is also celebrating its return to the Casino, a significant venue in the event’s history. A large number of free stages complete the new layout for this 58th edition, which will continue to accommodate its usual capacity of 250,000 attendees.

Work on the Convention Center, scheduled to continue until 2025, posed a major challenge for the MJF, but above all provided a unique opportunity to imagine a new set-up in the heart of Montreux. With an extended route along the quays, a stage on the lake and nods to its history, the 2024 edition will offer an unparalleled journey through the unique heritage of the town, which has just been added to UNESCO’s prestigious Creative Cities Network in the music category. A new recognition that reinforces Montreux’s position as a key music city.

plan scènes 2024


An exceptional stage on the lake

plan zone D

Many have been dreaming of it since the 2021 experience: the Montreux Jazz Festival will have its own stage on the lake next summer. The main stage will be built below the Place du Marché, between the quays and the lake. Audiences will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake and the sunset from the Place du Marché. An extraordinary setting that promises magical interactions between live music and the Montreux landscape.

With a capacity of 5,000 people, including 600 seated and covered seats at the top of the square, the main stage of this edition maintains an intimate character that sets it apart from large open-air festivals.


Back in a place steeped in history

Plan Zone E

The second ticketed stage will take over the Casino, an emblematic venue in the Festival’s history, to present the music of today and tomorrow. Amidst these walls echoing with legendary performances, new artists will follow in the footsteps of music history’s giants. With a capacity of 1,300 people, the Casino Stage will welcome the audience in a half-seated, half-standing configuration reminiscent of the Casino’s heyday.


Nightlife, Bars & Jazz Club

Plan Zone A

Well-known to festival-goers, this area will be the most festive and nocturnal. Large terraces will host three of the Festival’s famous free stages: the Terrasse ibis MUSIC, with its electro-pop concerts and DJ sets; Ipanema, the waterfront house and techno nightclub; and El Mundo, the Latin music scene.

Taking over the three floors of the Petit Palais, the Lake House offers a multitude of musical, festive and cultural experiences in its different rooms, including La Coupole, the Festival’s night spot that offers DJ sets in funk, house, disco and urban styles and The Memphis, supported by bank Julius Baer, dedicated to jazz and the legendary jam sessons.


Emerging Scene & Sun Deck

Plan Zone B

Born in the same era as the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967, the iconic Riviera hotel is set to host an official Festival concert venue for the first time. The Lisztomania, a stage dedicated to emerging trends since its creation in 2017, will find a new home in the western part of the building, once home to the indoor pool.

Perfect for leisure, this area will benefit from the hotel’s lively terraces and a deck specially arranged in front of the Mona Hotel, offering privileged access to the lake.


Park Stage, Street Food & Welcome Area

Plan Zone C

This idyllic section of Montreux’s lakeside will notably host the Super Bock Stage. This open-air stage is moving from the Vernex Park lawn to another green space, the Swiss Park. Open to all audiences, the Super Bock Stage will, as every summer, present an eclectic lineup featuring Swiss and international artists.

Primarily active during the day and early evening, this family-friendly and convivial zone will offer numerous food stalls and a long dining terrace. The Festival’s official welcome area, which includes ticketing, accreditations, and the press office, will also be located in this zone, facing the Débarcadère.


Highly anticipated by the Montreux Jazz Festival audience, the Audemars Piguet Parallel experience is set to transport a select few to an exceptional and undisclosed Riviera location once again.

The Pool Parties will return to the Casino pool, accompanied by DJ sets drenched in sunlight.

Funky Claude’s Bar will host a nightly concert series.

Each day of the Festival will feature a new concept of Pop-up Concerts. Conceived to integrate diverse local entities and offer a fresh perspective on the city, these traveling showcases will grace a series of iconic Montreux venues. Ephemeral and intimate, the Pop-up Concerts will be announced spontaneously through the Festival’s communication channels.

2024 Poster

Playful and teeming with details, the street art poster by Geneva artist Rylsee captures the excitement of a wild night at the Montreux Jazz Festival, focusing on the festivalgoers and their stories.

poster 2024 rylsee