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Ticketing info

We highly recommend purchasing tickets only through the official points of sale and to take note of our conditions of sale and access.

Tickets for the 55th edition of the Festival will go on sale later.



To purchase tickets online, please visit our website under Buy tickets

CALLCENTER (Ticketcorner)

To order tickets by phone, please contact Ticketcorner’s Callcenter using the following numbers:

  • Switzerland: 0900 10 10 12 (CHF 1.19/min)
  • International: + 41 900 800 800 (CHF 1.19/min)


Tickets for Montreux Jazz Festival events are available at all official points of sale of our partner Ticketcorner:

  • Manor
  • Coop City
  • Post

You will also find various points of sale in the following countries:

  • France (Fnac, Carrefour, U Supermarkets, Géant and Intermarché)
  • Belgium (Fnac)
  • Germany (Eventim outlets)
  • Austria (Oeticket outlets)


During the Festival, a box office located in the entrance hall of the Music and Convention Center (2M2C) is open every day from 4 p.m. until the end of the concerts. For the Montreux Jazz Club concerts, a dedicated ticket office is open from 6 p.m. in the House of Jazz building, lower floor.

For sold out concerts, a limited number of tickets will automatically be available for sale on the day of the show. In this case, only one ticket per person can be purchased (wristband will be placed directly on the wrist).

official points of sales

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Program change, cancellation and refund

Tickets, packages and badges are neither returnable nor exchangeable. For refunds, the below conditions apply.

In the event of a change in program, schedule or date, the Festival reserves the right to decide, according to the circumstances, either to refund tickets or packages up to the price mentioned on the ticket or package (excluding CHF 5.- flat fee for each ticket or package in accordance with the recommendations of the Swiss Music Promoters Association), or to exchange them for tickets or packages for another evening.

In case of cancellation of the Festival or of an evening in its entirety, tickets, packages and passes will be refunded up to the price indicated on the ticket, package or passes (excluding CHF 5.- flat fee for each ticket or package in accordance with the recommendations of the Swiss Music Promoters Association), and/or a return of equivalent value will be offered.

If an evening is interrupted beyond half the duration of the scheduled concerts, the ticket or package will not be refunded or exchanged.

Passes holders are not reimbursed in the event of a firm cancellation of a concert. If several concerts are permanently cancelled, the Festival reserves the right to decide, according to the circumstances, on the terms of total or partial reimbursement of passes and/or to propose a return of equivalent value (such as Montreux Jazz Insider subscription, gift voucher or other).

All the artists announced have confirmed their participation in the Festival. Cancellations or program changes are still possible and will be announced at the evening cash desk as well as via our website, social networks and newsletter.

Loss or theft of a ticket

Reimbursement or replacement for lost or stolen tickets or passes is strictly excluded.

Recording of sounds and images

It is strictly forbidden to record sound and/or images in the concert halls. This concerns live performances by artists/groups as well as broadcasts on the screens in the building. Failure to comply with this rule will result in penalties including seizure of the equipment used and immediate removal from the Festival grounds, with no compensation provided.
Concerts and other areas at the Montreux Jazz Festival are routinely filmed and photographed. By your presence on the Festival grounds, you accept that your image may be used without approval or payment of any kind.



Your confirmation e-mail is not a valid ticket. Only your Print@Home ticket with barcode will be accepted. Make sure the barcode on your ticket is clearly legible.
Print@Home tickets are concert tickets which are to be printed at home. The organizers are unable to provide the material to do so at the Festival site. Any person who has lost or forgotten his/her Print@Home ticket will not be granted to access to the concert halls due to the missing ticket. Print@Home tickets allow only a single entry to the concert hall and lose their validity after being scanned for the first time. If several tickets with the same barcodes are in circulation, only the first one presented will be considered as valid. The Festival organizers can refuse entry to the concert halls if multiple print-outs, counterfeits, or imitations of a Print@Home ticket have been made. Do not buy such a ticket from anyone. You may find yourself with a ticket that has already been scanned!

Age limit

For safety reasons, children younger than 6 are not permitted to enter the concert halls, nor to access the Montreux Jazz Trains. Teenagers younger than 16 must be accompanied by an adult to access the concert halls. You must be 18 or older to access to the Montreux Jazz Boats, LisztoClub, El Mundo and Pool Parties.
The organizers decline all liability for any injuries caused by failure to comply with this policy.

Access to the concert halls

All tickets must be exchanged for a bracelet granting access to the concert halls. They are available as of 4pm at different spots on the Festival site. The Festival organizer reserves the right to refuse any exchange or restitution of entrance bracelets in case they are damaged or lost.
The following items are not allowed in the concert halls: glass bottles or glass objects, P.E.T. bottles, cans, thermos jugs, pyrotechnics, weapons of any kind, objects intended to be thrown, helmets, flagpoles, banners, signs, blades, tear gas/pepper spray, animals, cameras, audio recorders, luggage or bulky backpacks, umbrellas, seats, roller skates, skateboards, and any dangerous objects that could serve as projectiles. A compulsory security check will be carried out before entry to a concert hall. Free storage where forbidden objects can be deposited is available at the entrance of each concert hall. If the owner of an unauthorized and/or dangerous object refuses to part with it, access to the concert hall will be refused without refund of the ticket.
Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is not permitted inside the 2m2c and the concert halls.
It is important to respect the starting times of the concerts. These are communicated via our website and at the Festival site. In case of late arrival, the organizers cannot guarantee an optimum view. Spectators arriving after the beginning of a concert will only be authorized to enter the concert hall at the end of a song or, on specific demand of the artist, during the intermission.
The Festival staff do their best to make festivalgoers feel welcome and to ensure their safety and comfort. They receive training throughout the year so that they can react in the best possible way to any problems linked to crowd control and actively reduce risks in a festival setting. Every spectator agrees to comply with orders from the staff.

Terms of Sale