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Claude Nobs passed away 10 years ago

Dear Claude,

You loved to tell these words: “Nothing is impossible”.

Ten years after your passing, this dreamer’s determination continues to inspire the artists, the public and the MJF teams every summer. We would have loved to see the stars in your smiling eyes when your Festival invited legends like Stevie Wonder or Diana Ross for the first time, when it transformed a stadium for Elton John or when it created a stage on the lake as you had always dreamed of. 

If these beautiful fantasies were made possible, it is thanks to the spirit that you shared with everyone around you. For you have achieved the impossible countless times in Montreux. It is enough to evoke a few names – Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, David Bowie, Deep Purple, Prince – to bring back extraordinary stories, told from generation to generation. A collective memory in perpetual evolution, which will continue to be enriched for many years to come.

You have always preferred to look forward, but on this special day, allow us to honor your life and your work. An exceptional legacy that was recently celebrated in the documentary series “They All Came Out To Montreux“, narrated by those who knew and loved you. Among these tributes, we will remember the simple but fitting words of your friend Carlos Santana:

“This cat was fun to be around!”

Merci pour tout. Thanks for the fun, Claude.

Claude nobs