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Campaign against the grey ticketing market

The Fédération romande des consommateurs (FRC, the consumer federation for French-speaking Switzerland) receives complaints daily from people who feel they were cheated when they bought tickets online.


Make sure you are on the site of the authorised ticketing office.

  • Warning: unauthorised vendors pay to be at the top of Google and Bing search result lists.
  • Authorised ticketing offices are indicated on the promoter’s website.

Verify seat availability and ticket prices.

  • Warning: unauthorised vendors often announce that concerts are nearly booked out, drive up prices and use timers and/or other devices to pressure consumers into hasty purchases.
  • Seating availability and the official prices are indicated on the website of the organiser’s partner ticket office. Tickets are often still available.

Check the terms and conditions of admission to an event.

  • Warning: unauthorised vendors do not always mention the terms and conditions of access on the tickets. (For example: a personal ticket or ID is required for admission to the event.)
  • The terms and conditions are indicated on the promoter’s website.