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A gifted, multi-talented visionary, Woodkid is without doubt one of the most iconic artists to have featured in the last decade of the Montreux Jazz Festival. He played in seven concerts including a surprise performance in 2014, a space-inspired futuristic creation for the 50th anniversary of the Festival in 2016 and three majestic concerts on the Lake Stage last summer. Six years after this last concert in the Auditorium Stravinski, the French artist is celebrating his big comeback with his hits “Run Boy Run” and “Iron” as well as his new album S16. Released in 2020, this sumptuously tortured work is permeated by the sounds of real machines, including those of a certain Jean Tinguely. Coincidentally, both men have produced a poster for the Festival, Tinguely in 1982 and Woodkid in 2014.