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S.Pri Noir

With his ultra-technical flow, exacting visual standards and universal themes, S.Pri Noir has established himself as THE rapper, having achieved the feat of being respected by his peers, courted by the biggest luxury brands and acclaimed by the public. Since his debut in 2008, he has charted a singular course, evolving both in the spotlight and on the fringes of French rap.
After two debut albums: Masque Blanc (2018), certified platinum, and État d’Esprit (2020), gold disc, S.Pri Noir is back with a third opus entitled La Cour des Miracles.
A sincere, introspective album, the rapper confides in us in a way he rarely does: “La Cour des Miracles looks back at the pivotal period when my life turned upside down”, he explains. Accompanied by producer Twinsmatic, renowned musicians and a cast of 5-star artists: Nekfeu, Tiakola, Laylow, Maes, Yseult, Guy2Bezbar…
With this project, S.Pri Noir begins a new artistic cycle with a unique musicality and an immersive visual universe directly inspired by his life in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

Access to the concert: 16 years old or over