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About Julius Baer

Supporting art and music has been integral to Julius Baer’s philosophy for decades. An interest in visual art dates back to the 1930s, when the founding Baer family began its private art collection. Some members of the Baer family have also pursued artistic careers, with one studying classical music. As a result, the family has maintained intensive contact with the art scene in Zurich, Paris and New York.

In the early 1980s, Bank Julius Baer founded its corporate art collection. The purpose of this collection was, and still is, to support artists who, when Julius Baer first purchases their work, are not yet firmly established but show great potential. Nearly two decades later, the Bank started to sponsor concert halls, festivals and museums based on its heritage. Today, Julius Baer supports renowned cultural institutions and digital platforms worldwide, with a focus on emerging talents. For more information, visit the website.


We are very excited that – starting in January 2022 – Julius Baer becomes a Global Partner of the 55-year old Montreux Jazz Festival. Besides the internationally acclaimed festival itself, the partnership also includes a commitment to the newly launched digital format “MJF Spotlight” as well as projects supporting young international talent from the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation.

“MJF Spotlight” is a music brand to support emerging artists and new music. Promising talents are showcasing their profiles all year long, some of them even performing live at dedicated European cities and/or during the summer Festival. This engagement is in line with Julius Baer’s strategic outreach in supporting the growth and promotion of future talents.

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