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About Swisscom

Few other companies are more closely connected to Switzerland and the people who live here than Swisscom. We are committed to our customers and confident we can make the opportunities of the networked world relevant, accessible and easy for people to use. That is our responsibility as the market leader. That is our promise as the Swisscom brand.


The absence of live shows over the past two years has really brought it home just how vital concerts and live music truly are. High time therefore for the great comeback, which Swisscom is celebrating with its new sponsorship of the Montreux Jazz Festival and many more.

One of our central commitments is the long-term support of the Swiss music scene and enabling unique experiences – live and in person, on the move via the best network, and at home via blue TV – 365 days a year. We spotlight major international artistes as well as new and upcoming local acts and are looking forward to experiencing many goose bump moments with musicians and fans.