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Critically acclaimed as Belgium’s Neo-Soul prodigy, YellowStraps has certainly had a stellar year in 2020 with two releases that have resonated with an ever-growing global audience and media outlets alike. Their “Goldress” EP released in February 2020 clinched #1 on 1xtra’s top 5 EPs of the week, and their live session on COLORS made it onto the very first COLORS vinyl compilation. Shortly after this release, when the global pandemic took over, YellowStraps bounced back and seized a window of opportunity: to collaborate with artists from across the globe over video calls. The result came in the form of an unanticipated 13 track mixtape boasting 16 featured artists, called Yellockdown Project. Collaborations include artists such as Primero, blackwave, Louis VI, AgaJon ou Jae Luna. The end project finds its roots in a deep sense of freedom despite he unease caused by the drastic change in the way we live. It also shows Yvan’s ability to write and sing in French just as well as he does in English. With new releases in the works, one can only expect to be hearing more from and about YellowStraps in the coming years.