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Swiss multireedist and composer Sha was born in 1983 in Berne and lives where the music takes him. Since 2004 he is playing worldwide tours with Nik Bärtschs’ Ronin, Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile, The Legendary Lightness and Piet Klocke. He has been composing for his own groups Sha’s Banryu and Sha’s Feckel and collaborated with dance and theater projects at Opernhaus Zürich, Gessneralle and VorOrt. Last February he released his first solo record Monbijou, recorded in the vast hollow interior of the box girder bridge Monbijou in Bern. The record consists of several distinct vignettes, composed throughout the years and woven into a 30-minute suite. While the very idea of a solo performance might evoke images of an internal monologue, Monbijou reaches outwards and is essentially a work about the hidden space around us, as defined by the sounds we make. Echolocation for emotion, if you will.