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He may be the new « little » protégé of Dan Levy (half of The Dø and recent winner of the César for best original music for the film J’ai perdu mon corps), but S+C+A+R+R must be six feet tall. So when you meet S+C+A+R+R, it’s special. You can be a bit uncomfortable. He never knows how or where to sit, so he often stands. And then there’s his voice. Imposing too, but surprisingly airy and bewitching. Suppleness in a rock. Everything is like that with him: subtle contrast. Determined about his artistic ideas, he knows what he wants, you can feel that he is playing with his skin when he gives himself away. In all his songs you can feel that he has suffered, or made suffer, or even that he is suffering at the moment, but he doesn’t try to draw tears, everything comes out in a clear, honest way.  And with a form that is sometimes brutal, nervous, but always elegant.