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Since 2009, Rampa has made a name for himself with Keinemusik, his own little cosmos. The teamwork within this realm has resulted in a significant number of productions and collaborations, especially with fellow producer &ME, not to mention the rest of the gang, Adam Port, Reznik and Monja. In addition, he has a range of other collaborations and releases to his credit.
In recent years, Rampa has been focusing more and more on production. When it comes to the actual DJing, he now takes a “less is more” approach, choosing recordings and playing more consciously.

For the second year, Audemars Piguet Parallel returns to the MJF. This series of free musical experiences has been developed by the watchmaker in collaboration with the Montreux Jazz Festival. The series has been designed as interludes that will take place during the Festival’s activities. These events, which are part of the APxMusic brand’s musical programme, offer a moment lost in time by giving a select group of artists the opportunity to perform at intimate concerts in unexpected locations on the Montreux Riviera. 
Please note that access to the event will be reserved to ticket holders only.