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‘Audace’, the French translation of the Portuguese word Ozadya, more than perfectly describes the Geneva-based collective and label. A true Swiss Army knife, the team brings together a total of 7 artists, producers, beatmakers and DJs around a single desire: to produce a unique sound (somewhere between banger and poetry). The crew was formed in 2016 and since then they’ve been churning out EPs, live dates, DJ sets and projects. Each member has been immersed in hiphop culture and each of the artists has appropriated its codes to offer a sound that is unique to their identity. The crew is also a reflection of the city: multicultural, on the move and ahead of its time. Hyperactive and omnipresent, the Ozadya collective has become a mainstay of Geneva’s nightlife and playlists, with a musical universe that blends trap, afro house, baile funk and house.