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Oscar Anton

Bedroom artist Made in France, Oscar faced this strange year by spreading his name to the four corners of Europe, under his own rules. In Home Of Sanity, a double album of 28 tracks, we care about feelings, self-empowerment, daily life and love stories. These are the cornerstones of a home where creation is preferred to perfection for its purity, embodied by Oscar’s dazzling voice wrapping our hearts and souls in silky sheets. The catchy melodies and smooth beats perfectly blend to create a playground for him to explore, evolve and share his love of music with a genuine sincerity. From Bossa Nova rhythms, to lo-fi beats, and hip hop collaborations, his music show diversity, curiosity and a risk-taking process to try and try again without bothering himself with formats and rules. Starting from scratch in January, Oscar Anton quickly climbed the steps to draw a bedroom pop success story that not many have ever seen in France that even drew the attention of Bob Sinclar who remixed his track “bye bye”.