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Ninja Kidsoul

Ninja Kidsoul is probably one of the only artists in Germany, who managed to keep all kinds of music lovers hyped over the course of the many years since his initial COLORS session in 2016, despite the rare and exclusive output one can access as of now. Born in south Germany’s Schweinfurt to an US-American father and a German mom – it was his grandmother who has paved the way for Ninja Kidsoul aka. Ahmad Abdul Mateen AliNur into the art of music, introducing him to Motown and other musical traditions inspired by icons like Stevie Wonder or The Temptations. While fans recently only had the pleasure of hearing new music through collaborations with long term partner and producer Qadir Bijoux (Skyfall) or producer artist agajon (romeo & juliet) – he’s currently working on his first EP planned to be released early 2023.