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Moji x Sboy

Moji and Sboy are two childhood friends who grew up together in Liege, Belgium. Considering themselves truly as two brothers, their symbiosis very quickly pushed them to launch themselves into music by forming a duo, simply entitled Moji x Sboy.

It was at the end of 2018, when they were barely of age, that they released their very first track. Quickly to several tens of thousands of views on YouTube, they do it again a few months later with the track “Namek”. A more personal track that hints at an enchanting and intimate universe, this time adding up to hundreds of thousands of views.

Mainly inspired by American artists, their influences range from Post Malone’s mainstream pop to the Lo-Fi music of singers such as Clairo or Girl in Red. Creative and ambitious, the duo continues its momentum with 2 new tracks, including the remarkable “Regarde moi”. The latter is a real success with its 7 million views.
The public’s enthusiasm is real, which gives them the opportunity to go on stage at the prestigious Ardentes festival in 2019. They then met the Belgian producer Ozhora Miyagi. The composer offered the two young artists a great opportunity to produce their first project. But before getting down to business, Moji x Sboy don’t want to keep their growing fanbase waiting too long. In December 2019, they released their latest single entitled “Ma go”, a real musical nugget that has already accumulated almost 30 million streams and, at the same time, gave themselves their first gold single.
In 2020, they began recording their first project, which is scheduled for release in June 2021. More than a project, “Temps d’aime” is a gift. Indeed, it is nothing less than their hearts that Moji x Sboy offer us for 12 tracks. Far from being pure, they reveal to us with a lot of modesty but without artifice, the passions and poisons which devour them. Three levels of reading follow one another and oscillate constantly from love to hate. The artists are sometimes actors, sometimes spectators of these most extreme feelings. An inner fire that is in danger of spreading.