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Have you ever noticed that the name Metronomy sounds a bit like the time measuring tool “metronome”? The reference to the metronome used to be just a musical joke: now it makes more sense. The regular ticking of the pendulum represents continuity, stability, infinity and constant familiarity. It understands that even though we all return to the land from which we came, time is running furiously, like a bull aiming at a matador. Your last breath will be another click on the machine.
The name of the album Metronomy Forever – which is the sequel to Summer 08 ( 2016) – represents a similar philosophy: something that looks back and forward simultaneously, like Janus, something fatal and eternal. In between the sauna-sweat soaked funk of songs like “It’s Automatic”, and the beachy burial of “Walking In The Dark”, are some nice twinkling ambient tracks.

For the second year, Audemars Piguet Parallel returns to the MJF. This series of free musical experiences has been developed by the watchmaker in collaboration with the Montreux Jazz Festival. The series has been designed as interludes that will take place during the Festival’s activities. These events, which are part of the APxMusic brand’s musical programme, offer a moment lost in time by giving a select group of artists the opportunity to perform at intimate concerts in unexpected locations on the Montreux Riviera. 
Please note that access to the event will be reserved to ticket holders only.