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Louise et Anne vont en Louisiane

Presentation of the book-disc Louise et Anne vont en Louisiane, created by Valérie Besson and Cyril Yeterian, respectively artist and musician from Geneva. They share a passion for books, vinyls, stories and beautiful objects. They have decided to rehabilitate the format of the now defunct record books dear to their childhood, between the Jungle Book and the Aristochats, a 45rpm record that spins endlessly on the living room turntable.

Cyril Yeterian
Musician, lives in Geneva. Co-founder of the bands Mama Rosin and Cyril Cyril and of the record shop, café and label Bongo Joe. He toured the world with his various musical projects before settling down to see his two children grow up, a source of infinite inspiration and an excellent reason to publish a book-disc for very young audiences.