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La Fève

Despite a busy life, oscillating between art school and deliveries for Uber Eats, Louis AKA La Fève has found time for his passion: music. A Soundcloud veteran, the youngster has been releasing EPs (notably the “Nocturne” series), taking advantage of the creative freedom the platform offers. In 2019, he meets an eclectic collective, Walone, with a very complete range of skills. In the fall of 2020, now overtrained and well surrounded, La Fève goes to the next level by delivering the EP KOLAF, in collaboration with the beatmaker from Marseille Kosei. After several high-profile featurings in 2021 (Captaine Roshi, Edge, Khali or J9ueve), La Fève announces a stunning comeback with the track “Mauvais Payeur”, which enters the Spotify Top 200. In an era where music is consumed quickly, La Fève takes the time to refine quality tracks. Backed by his favorite beatmakers like Kosei, Freakey, Lyele Gwap and DoomX, La Fève is more versatile than ever.

  • Swiss exclusivity