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Kety Fusco

Switzerland-based Kety Fusco has developed a unique sound through the vision of a new harp, searching for non-traditional sounds you would never expect to hear from a harp. She works with Delta electric harps from Salvi Harps, who have chosen Kety as their official ambassador. Kety Fusco’s harp and technology exploration started with her successful debut album DAZED (Universal distribution) described by Swiss critics as “a rare breed”. With DAZED, Kety indeed chose not to follow the tradition of harpists who discover the harp through classic reverbs and loops: she forges a new artistic identity for the harp basing her sound system, for example, with sounds of a vinyl scratched on metal strings, some objects hit on the soundboard of the pre-sampled classical harp, and analog effects manipulated live. Kety Fusco has more than 80 concerts all over Europe, and is working on the world’s first library of non-traditional harp sounds.