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Kay The Prodigy

Kay The Prodigy’s first exposure to music was through his parents. As a child, her father introduced her to artists such as Louis Armstrong. She was immersed in Soul, Jazz and Salegy, a genre of music from her native Madagascar. It wasn’t long before she was hooked on rap. Her first inspiration came from US rap artists such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Future and Young Thug. Then came 2013 and the discovery of Ateyaba, which made her realise something that had previously seemed impossible: the fact that she could rap in France the way people do in the US.
In August 2021, she decided to reveal herself to the public with the release of her first single Sentiments. The following year would be sparsely populated with singles, solo or in feat, on platforms or on Soundcloud, which was fast becoming one of her favourite haunts.
If there’s one thing Kay doesn’t shy away from, it’s his Alsatian roots, and he’s determined to blow this Eastern wind across France. Following this guideline, she has released her first EP, ‘Eastern Wind’.
While this project has enabled her to establish herself as the queen of sampled drill, Kay is keen to show that her talent is not limited to drill. With “Triple Kay Supremacy”, the young prodigy sails between Trap, Super Trap, sampled Drill and Grime, revealing a little more about herself, her history and her future.
Finally, Kay closes 2023 as she began it, under the symbol of the East Coast, with the release of “Eastern Wind 2” in collaboration with Mezzo Millo.

Access to the concert: 16 years old or over