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Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum is the very essence of a showman. His way of captivating a venue, making everyone sing in unison, climbing on his piano or throwing himself into the crowd like a rock star. Which certainly makes him one of the jazzmen who most understands the language of pop. Or is it the other way round? Because beyond the spectacle, the Briton has mastered the grammar of jazz and is constantly evolving, from swing to groove, from classical arrangements to pop choruses. Rumour has it that Jamie is currently working on a new album – his tenth. In Montreux, where he has always felt at home, audiences may have the opportunity to hear extracts from it. Which reminds us that in 2018, during a Dantean show at the Stravinski Auditorium, Jamie played two of his compositions for the very first time, before they appeared on record a year later. Stay tuned…