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Emilie Zoé

Emilie Zoé’s rugged guitar playing and melodic artistry immediately stand out. The voice is both delicate and rough. At times soft, at times bold, it has been compared to that of PJ Harvey or Cat Power. Although a native French-speaker, writing in English allows Emilie Zoé to grasp the undefinable and to express emotional answers to every-day life’s hauntingly rational questions. Emilie Zoé’s latest album, Hello Future Me, written and recorded in 2020-2021, further explores the deep-rooted and minutely crafted universe of melodies and sounds which originated with The Very Start. Self-produced in collaboration with Louis Jucker, the album revolves around the long-time heart of the project, Emilie Zoé’s partnership with drummer Nicolas Pittet, embellished with careful arrangements which enhance the songs’ depth and recall the characteristic dynamic of their live performance.