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El Mizan

El Mizan, translated as “the balance” in Arabic, symbolizes equilibrium and harmony, evoking a fluidity in movement. The group emerged from the Lemanic basin. Initiated by Algerian composer Anouar Kaddour Chérif, El Mizan explores “Magh-rock,” a psychedelic folk fusion of captivating rhythms infused with Algerian chaabi and experimental music. The lyrics, in Darija, a Maghreb dialect, celebrate freedom, the aspirations of new generations, and the melancholy of exile, all expressed with a musical fervor transcending borders.

Through its debut album, “Harba” (“the escape”), El Mizan evokes popular memories and infectious rhythms, blending scales and ideals without concern for geographical boundaries, forging connections between the East and the West.

Inspired by the diverse cultural mix of its members, El Mizan creates contemporary sounds, delivering a pronounced rock sound punctuated by elegant vocal harmonies. This unique cultural fusion radiates immense energy, celebrating the wisdom of the elders and the passionate dreams of new generations.