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Brittany Davis

Brittany brings that world to cinematic life with Images Issues, their full-length debut as a solo artist. Arriving on the heels of 2022’s I Choose to Live — an introductory EP that was championed by outlets like NPR (who hosted Davis for a Tiny Desk Concert) and SPIN Magazine (who praised Davis’ “intuitive virtuosity across deeply-felt rock, funk, and R&B”) — it’s a wildly creative project that obliterates the traditional borders between genre and job. Brittany isn’t just the album’s vocalist; they’re also the songwriter, engineer, co-producer, and multi-instrumentalist responsible for nearly every sound on the album. Those sounds are just as diverse as the person who created them, with Image Issues making room for gospel piano, hip-hop grooves, house beats, jazz chords, self-made samples, and everything in between. It’s a wide mix — and it’s all Brit.