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505 fuse electronic and acoustic instruments and explore a diverse range of musical styles, including Trip-Hop, Electronica, and Jazz.

With Daniel Calvi’s guitar and synths blending harmoniously with Mattia Prete’s intricate Live Electronic rhythms, the band presents their own unique and eclectic sound. They embrace improvisation and experimentation, continually evolving their performances through the feature of guest appearances from other versatile musicians, which keeps each show and release fresh and distinctive.

As resident trumpeter, John-Dennis Renken, delivers power-driven lines and melodies that are created by combining the beautiful and powerful sound of the trumpet with mind-altering layers of electronic affects.

Their music appeals to fans of bands like Portishead, Massive Attack, and Tricky. Recent releases, including tracks such as “Keep Going” and “Esotico Malinconico,” additionally, their captivating live performance at Kantine Am Berlin (available on YouTube) highlights their talent and stage presence.