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Wyatt is a Swiss dj and producer who grew up in a small, quiet town in a country that was well organised. It is this atmosphere that drives him to fly across borders to travel Europe and the world as a spectator of the electronic scene, only to want to become a player in 2016. Driven by his thirst for music and his desire to progress, he then moved to Berlin to refine his musical imprint. There, he co-founded the Suzaku collective, with which he began organising events and creating the future label. It was only afterwards, when he crossed paths with Vito Losito, that he decided to launch a second project and give birth to Boogie Voodoo. But the facet of this universe that he loves the most is the art of djing. Inspired by djs like Shonky, Priku or Sedee, he is always looking for subtle sounds, rich in percussions and with groovy basslines. And once behind the decks he has fun locking the rhythm, supporting it with a sharp mix of Minimal, Micro & Deep House.