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Sofia Kourtesis

Peruvian-born, Berlin-based producer Sofia Kourtesis announced today that she will release a new EP titled Sarita Colonia on February 14 via Studio Barnhus, and shared the title track.

Kourtesis made a name for herself with a self-titled EP released last year. It received an 8.0 from Pitchfork and Philip Sherburne said, “Kourtesis’ debut EP is the kind of house music that bypasses convention and forgoes functionality without ever forgetting that its purpose is to move people.” Now she follows up with her second release, an equally dynamic and unconventional collection of songs that continues to develop a sound all her own. From fragments of sounds from both her homeland and her life around the world, to her unique treatment of samples from films and personal encounters, Koura is a singer with a proven track record. Kourtesis’ music is joyful, infectious and undeniably unique.