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57 Montreux Jazz Festival: a feeling of shared euphoria

The 57th edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival drew to a close last night after sixteen days of intense communion between artists and audiences. Some 250,000 festival-goers celebrated this last edition at the Convention Centre before the construction work began. The free stages were sold out almost every night, and ticket sales were among the best in the Festival’s history.

There was a collective feeling of jubilation across the whole of Montreux Jazz Festival 2023. Artists came with the desire to surprise and entertain, with even the festival’s most grandiose venues feeling intimate – with crowd-surfing, brilliant moments of improvisation, spontaneous encores, emotional speeches by artists and audience sing-alongs happening around everyone corner.

I was in my dressing room an hour after we finished the show and there were still people in the streets singing the melody from the encore. It’s a moment I will never forget. Montreux is an oasis where musicians can come and create.

Jon Batiste

The first time I played solo in public was in Montreux in 2021. I love the Festival’s slogan: ‘Where legends are born’. I’ve always seen the Festival as a place where artists are spotted before anyone else.

Sofiane Pamart

The Festival organisers would like to thank all the people who helped make this edition possible, our staff, our partners, our service providers, the authorities and the municipality of Montreux.


  • 4th – 7th october 2023: 4th edition of the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation Autumn Festival with emerging artists from the jazz scene, workshops and jam sessions
  • 9th -10th february, 16th -17th february, 1st -2nd march2nd edition MJF Spotlight Sessions in Villars, featuring emerging pop artists