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About Vaudoise Insurance

Ever since it was established in Lausanne in 1895, Vaudoise has enjoyed harmonious growth, forging strong relationships with the Swiss people over the years and contributing to the buzz of national sports and cultural events. It has always remained true to its cooperative roots and to the values of closeness, reliability, and humanity, which have guided it for more than 125 years and will continue to do so for a long time to come. #Happy. Together.


Vaudoise Insurances and the Montreux Jazz Festival

Vaudoise has been the main partner of the Montreux Jazz Festival since 2011. This longstanding relationship is a testament to the passion that drives the two institutions, who work together to provide an unforgettable experience for festival-goers each year.

vaudoise deck coucher soleil

The new Vaudoise Deck is all yours

This year’s edition of the MJF will ignite the Montreux shore with a jam-packed, eclectic, and extremely thrilling program. The now-famous Vaudoise Deck, an unmissable part of the festival, has been reworked and returns again this year with a unique, industrial-style setting, making it a perfect place to share this enjoyable experience. As the main partner for the event, Vaudoise sets the tone when it comes to hospitality, with breathtaking views, an inviting and lively atmosphere with good vibes, a water-side location, and many more delights.

terrasse Vaudoise Deck vue lac Leman