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The food stands are still present! The quality and diversity of the stands are a priority and we hope you will enjoy them!

This year we welcome five new stands on the Festival:

  • The Buritos: Come straight from Berne, Burritos Bandito offers Californian burritos with beef, pork or vegetarian options. They heat the tortilla, melt the cheese, add rice and mixed black beans, salsa and guacamole and roll together.
  • The Empanadas: Tayta offers 100% artisanal empanadas baked on the day with fresh ingredients and Swiss meats. The shortbread dough is made following a pure Peruvian style while the choice of stuffing is a Swiss-Peruvian blend. The empanadas are accompanied by homemade sauces.
  • The Burgers: The hamburger Foundation comes from Geneva and has passionately developed their burger recipes. All their products are local and homemade. Their mission: Make the best burgers in the world.
  • The Sausages: fruit of a collaboration between a chef, a butcher and an event company, “Aux Six Saucisses Suisses” offers a 100% Swiss and local sausage bar, ranging from the classic veal sausage to the vegetarian sausage.
  • Tibits: A stand dedicated to vegetarian and vegan recipes, inspired by great classics of traditional Swiss and local cuisine revisited as well as seasonal specialties, and dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world.

All the other stands are also present, between waffles, Argentine grills, Tibetan cuisine, fresh pasta, bagels, pancakes, Indian or Thai cuisine and of course Swiss Cuisine there is something for everyone.

Find the full list of stands and their location on our Catering Plan.



Located at Level B4 of 2M2C, Manor offers an assortment of dishes inspired by Italian cuisine. All the products are fresh and of excellent quality. Accompanied by a refreshing drink, Manor offers the perfect setting to recharge your batteries.

Also discover their upscale burgers accompanied by organic fries on their terrace.

  • Open 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Seafood bar

Situated right at the heart of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Caviar House & Prunier is a prestigious place dedicated to memorable occasions. Fresh seafood, Balik salmon, champagne, fine wines and premium vodka: everything has been designed to ensure you the best possible evening at the Festival. Enjoy a taste of pure luxury and amazing lakefront views.

  • Open 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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