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Audrey Danza

La DJ suisse Audrey Danza est constamm

Swiss DJ Audrey Danza is constantly looking for powerful sounds and new ways to mix music. Both eclectic and energetic, her selection is composed of excursions mixing trance, tribal percussion, italo disco, industrial beats and techno, always with the aim of taking her audience into unknown and cosmic spaces. Audrey’s sensitivity has made her one of the most prominent names on the burgeoning Swiss scene.

of the burgeoning Swiss scene. Raised at the Motel Campo where she has been a resident since 2019, she has taken her well-deserved place beyond the borders and has already played in reference clubs and highly respected parties like Sameheads and Cocktail d’Amore in Berlin or Sunday Sunday in Mexico City. Always learning from the past, she has also started to release some of her personal works, from edits to remixes, looking to weave playful sounds for clubbers. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of dance music, she co-founded the Proxima label and is one of the brains behind the compilation dedicated to dancefloor epiphanies. dancefloor epiphanies “Dancefloor Memories”. During the closure of 2020 she also launched Motel Radio, the webradio of Motel Campo.

Splitting her time equally between Geneva and Berlin, she initiated in 2022 a new series of parties in Berlin, “Before & After”, with her friends Nemo & Castro from the record store Sound Metaphors and Nicolas Oggier from Motel Campo.