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Zequin is a 22-year-old rapper from Colombes (92).
In 2021, he released his first project, “B1KSH!T”, followed by “BINKSHIT” in 2022. It confirms his versatility and ease with modern trap. He would later describe his aesthetic as a symbolic bridge between street authenticity and avant-garde trap.

He grew up in a global musical environment and culture, steeped in Congolese, American, French and Jamaican music. So it was only natural that young Zequin should start out in rap at the age of 10, forging his passion for the 4th art through these multiple influences.

As you will have noticed, Zequin is very fond of music from the American South. These aesthetics inspire him, as much in his image as in his style of dress and music. The Congolese-born rapper takes streetwear and fashion to the kings of Atlanta. He listens mainly to hip-hop, but also Dancehall, rumba and Rnb.

Access to the concert: 16 years old or over