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Zaoui, a former member of Thérapie Taxi, explores his visceral need for music on his debut solo album, ‘Pulsations’. This opus, born of his inner struggles, is a profound reflection on life and pain. It finds its essence in tumultuous personal experiences, including the loss of his mother and the break-up of his band. Despite the ordeal, Zaoui emerges with an album full of pulsating energy, reaffirming his presence on the musical landscape.

The album, recorded over three years, bears witness to Zaoui’s duality as an artist. He juggles between catchy pop melodies and deeply personal themes, navigating between lightness and turmoil with disarming sincerity. Accompanied by his guitarist Vincent Duteuil and drummer Ilan Rabaté, Zaoui delivers an uncompromising album, capturing a variety of sounds and emotions.

“Mauvais Démons”, the EP that preceded the album, set the scene for this introspective opus. Zaoui reveals a new facet of his artistic personality, fusing pop, punk, hip-hop and new wave influences with casual spontaneity. Provocative lyrics rub shoulders with the most profound reflections, creating a striking contrast.

The release of ‘Pulsations’ is accompanied by a book, offering listeners a further insight into Zaoui’s world. This extension of the album offers an immersive experience, revealing the nuances and intricacies of his music and thoughts.

In short, ‘Pulsations’ is a powerful testament to Zaoui’s vitality as an artist. With this album, he reveals himself unvarnished, embracing his vulnerability and strength with undeniable audacity.