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Zaatar is an artist originally from Morocco, based in France, who has stood out since the beginning of her career for her unique sound signature. She carves her own path by delicately blending her Moroccan heritage with influences from EBM, New Beat, and Trance.
Quickly becoming a force in the Body Music scene, Zaatar has built a reputation both as a prolific producer and a captivating DJ.
Discovered on Ritmo Fatale with her powerful track “Abiad Al Layali,” she released her first EP on the highly respected label Dischi Autunno.
Alongside recognized artists in the scene, she has already performed at the legendary Fuse club in Brussels, Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, Macadam in Nantes, Le Sucre in Lyon, Else and Renate in Berlin, as well as for Astropolis, Positive Education, and the Montreux Jazz Festival.
With her authentic and unconventional approach, Zaatar skillfully multiplies her influences, breaking free from any stylistic or genre barriers. She thus creates her own sonic landscape, characterized by captivating rhythms often accompanied by melancholic melodies.