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Yuston XIII

Yuston XIII is an artist who has turned music into a window onto his soul. He began creating music in the privacy of his teenage bedroom, learning the techniques of composition, recording and mixing from YouTube videos. For him, music is a diary, a way of sharing his deepest feelings with the world.
After studying engineering in Lyon, Yuston XIII decided to pursue his passion for music, leaving behind a promising career. He spent an entire year perfecting his art, refining his compositions, writing and visuals. The result is a rich and mysterious universe, showcasing his bewitching voice.
His first single, “Fantôme”, released in December 2021, was a huge success, captivating her audience and winning over her fans on social networks. His first headline concert at La Boule Noire sold out in just 24 hours.
In February 2023, he released his first EP, “Origine”, a collection of 7 introspective tracks that plunge us into a poetic story skilfully blending rap and vocals. His words transport us to unknown landscapes, where darkness rubs shoulders with light to offer a unique musical journey.

Access to the concert: 16 years old or over