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Yussef Dayes Trio

Yussef Dayes certainly is one of the UK’s most exciting and innovative young drummers and producers. He is best known for his work with his brothers in United Vibrations, and also as one half of electrifying duo Yussef Kamaal. In 2020, with his fellow South East London musician Tom Misch, they released What Kinda Music on legendary jazz label, Blue Note. After learning music at home with his father’s jazz vinyl collection, Yussef Dayes studied drums with the legendary Billy Cobham when he was ten years old. Since his young age, he always considered grime and hip hop very influential to his output. He’s now running with freedom, working on multiple projects as a producer and player with some of the key names in the UK jazz scene and beyond. There’s no doubt, Yussef Dayes is going to be the one leading the conversation in the years to come.