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Wilson Beats

As a child, Wilson Beats was already passionate about music, inventing rhythms from any object he could find. So it was a natural step for his family to enrol him in djembe lessons at the Drums & Percussions Centre when he was 11. Thanks to his ability to adapt, Wilson Beats has taken part in performances and events of all kinds, enabling him to perform throughout Switzerland, in neighbouring France and in New York. Wilson Beats has always rubbed shoulders with a wide range of artists from different backgrounds, and has always been immersed in an urban environment. Thanks to photography, his initial and parallel career, Wilson Beats has entered the world of events, rapidly collaborating with well-known artists of all genres from the French-speaking and European scenes. For Wilson Beats, music is a universal and transcendent means of expression that allows him to express and share his emotions. Using his hands and percussion instruments, he adds power and scope to the music while transporting the audience to the beat. Wilson Beats is determined to break down the barriers between different musical styles by bringing his original touch to environments unfamiliar with live percussion.