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VOILAAA Sound System

VOILAAA SOUND SYSTEM is a soundsystem:
that means it mixes DJs, Mcs, and live FX.
like they do at the Notting Hill Festival in London.
Patchworks: (with an “S”) is my name as a producer and DJ, but it is not supposed to appear on the bill for this event, except in the bios.
The music I defend in the Patchworks sets is very different from the sound of VOILAAA SOUND SYSTEM.

Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart from Lyon is a hyperactive producer who doesn’t stick to one musical style or alias. He has been working for more than fifteen years on various labels in Lyon, Paris, Berlin, Detroit, Melbourne or London.

In 2015 he unveiled VOILAAA, an afro-disco project on Favorite Recordings. Groovy, his album “On te l’avais dit” sounds like a hymn to the best years of disco, taking us back to the heart of the 1970s in Lagos or Abidjan.

VOILAAA Sound System is the collective that surrounds him for furious, afro, disco and sweaty sound system sets, inspired by the “Notting Hill” spirit.

DJs: Freakistan, Boolimix, Chylorama, James Stewart
MCs: Pat Kalla and/or Sir Jean….