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Vénus Noire (performance)

A Vénus Noire performance is an escape, an immersion into a fantastic and imagined universe, a journey in which everyone can find themselves.

Born from the fantasy world of spectacle and illusion, the Vénus Noire cabaret company brings together Black and queer artists. By reappropriating the codes of burlesque shows to modernize them, Vénus Noire offers an aesthetic inspired by pop and industrial culture.

Created in 2021 by multidisciplinary artist Michelle Tshibola, the Vénus Noire troup has been performing for over two years in various places in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, and more. The show “Mami Wata Rit,” performed in November 2023 at the Consulat Voltaire, had been sold out in two weeks.

Always fascinated by the world of cabaret, Michelle decided to put the spotlight on Black artists. Aware that this project is an act of advocacy, the dancer and choreographer chose a name with its own story, a story of representation, of powerful reappropriation that can speak to everyone.