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Upsilone B2B Augis

Upsilone, still wearing his white glasses, delivers a very serious project. Make no mistake, like Philippe Katerine, Vladimir Cauchemar or the early days of Martin Solveig, Upsilone has ideas, know-how and plenty of self-mockery. At the age of 12, he began learning to play the piano, and was already taking an interest in electro music and French DJ producers such as Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar and Martin Solveig, all of whom would leave an indelible mark on him and inspire him to develop his own musical project. He is part of this generation Z that does everything itself: lyrics, melodies, production and videos.

At the heart of the Parisian electronic music scene, AUGIS stands out as an emerging artist. Captivated by melodies from an early age, he began practising his art in the privacy of his bedroom, before storming the capital’s private parties and iconic clubs. Inspired by the likes of Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones and Kolter, AUGIS has forged a musical style all his own, combining a burning passion for sonic experimentation with a fearless desire to transcend the boundaries of electronic music.
His rise to prominence is reflected in his performances in clubs such as La Mano, La Java, Le Paradisio, Les Bains and Taboo, and is beginning to spread beyond the borders of Paris. His growing reputation has taken him to some of the world’s leading festivals, including Madame Loyal and Marvellous Island in 2023.