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Welcome to the Twerkistan Show, a transcendental immersive experience offered by a show combining music and performance.
TWK Show captures the very essence of mixed urban parties: incendiary sets from our resident DJs, a series of b2b sessions as fusion points between members, all accompanied by a muy caliente dance performance. The audience is an integral part of the show!
The performers navigate the crowd’s effervescence, lighting up the dancefloor. They then invite the hotheads to join them on stage to be at the heart of the fire.
The Twerkistan Show is all about dancing to your heart’s content, freeing your body and mind in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

DJ Nasty N
Originally from Nice and now based in Marseille, DJ NASTY N (aka NICK SATURNIN) is a DJ and producer who never fails to electrify the crowd with his USB key.
With a passion for Dirty South, Future Beats, Baile Funk and Chicago & Detroit Ghetto, his eclectic selection of music makes his DJ sets extremely varied, yet still very catchy and danceable.
Expect to be transported on a captivating sonic journey every time you get the chance to see him behind the decks.

A musical explorer who transcends borders, Kermittta is a digger with enigmatic charisma.
A child of the 2000s, her background is in hip-hop and R&B. She broadens her horizons by exploring various scenes around the world. Her influences reflect a fusion of genres, nurtured by the SoundCloud scene and artists like Blck Mamba and Lisbon’s Batida.
Each time she performs, she transmits a unique energy without calculation, creating a special connection with her audience. Her sets are real journeys in sound, with the crowd dictating the tempo.

Pakdjeen has wrinkled music like no one else! Composer of the group La Méthode, an avant-garde rap comet from Marseilles in the years 2000-10, he joined the Twerkistan crew in 2018 and has undergone an artistic transformation.
A former bboy, this big fan of James Brown and J-Dilla draws on the African urban scene to feed his new tracks with their housy and electro sounds.
An insatiable digger of afrohouse, batida, kuduro and afrobeats, he links his identity as beatmaker and DJ to create a new, transcendental, futuristic Afro sound. Prepare to be set on fire by Pakdjeen’s ever-accelerating tempo.

Yung Pad
Yung Pad is a seasoned DJ, combining experience and eternal youth on the decks. His attachment to hip-hop culture makes Yung Pad a true architect of the mix, navigating all the eras and schools of rap.
As a dancefloor goldsmith who excels at varying styles, Yung Pad creates contrasting sets, full of breaks and smart scratches. Bangers and sweet vibes are on the menu, always up to date with new trends and emerging heads. Yung Pad aka the underground hype.