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Dj Th4ys is born and bred in the minhoca favela, located in the south of São Paulo (Grajaú area) and frequents the city’s main funk dances. She is a digital influencer and has participated in projects with brands such as spotify, hypebeas x whastapp, rider, havana, lacoste, liebe, etc.

Her musical research is based on the most played hits at Bega’s dance, where she has performed, Dz7’s dance, Aurora’s dance, Zimba’s dance, among others. And today he has more than 60k players on soundcloud.

For Th4ys, the funk beat is a celebration of collectivity and a healing movement for the quebradas. the one that makes the crowd dance all night long, making the audience feel the bass of the mandelão and all the other musical strands of PAULISTA AND CARIOCA funk.
Dj Th4ys is an artist who represents the culture of funk. A music researcher and producer, she is a woman from Brazil who spreads the culture of the funk scene, bringing the experience of the favela dance to the spaces she visits.
Dj Th4ys has performed at events such as lollapalooza 2023, cena festival, koala, urbecks, TURÁ, red bull amaphiko, Girls, virada cultural sp, with the Tropkillaz collective, Cadê Madalena? and has worked with big names in the rap world such as LabFantasma, Kanye West, Quavo, Sidoka, Afrika Bambaata, as well as taking part in funk events alongside artists such as Mc Dricka, Deize Tigrona, Mc Katia, ludmilla and tasha e tracie, among other names relevant to the urban music scene. In 2023, dj th4ys also curated the redbull activation at lollapalooza brasil.