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A few months before his 2018 Montreux Jazz Lab concert, the Belgian singer performed at the Festival’s press conference, presented as a favorite of the programming team. Today, Tamino returns grown up from a sold-out international tour and a second album true to his DNA entitled Sahar, swaying from the East to the West. With sincerity and accuracy, Tamino sings of abandonment, anguish, but also of hope and romance. To complete this work, he invites Angèle on his latest single “Sunflower” for a slow song of great delicacy. Like a bewitching wizard, the 26 year old from Antwerp has the power to suspend time at the first sound of his voice. Often compared to Jeff Buckley or Leonard Cohen in his early days, he is now an artist with a unique and complete identity.

  • Exclusivité suisse