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Hip-hop superstar, the most popular grime MC and the standard-bearer for politically engaged youth in the UK, Stormzy transcends musical boundaries.  This is quite a burden to carry for any one man, of just 28 years of age.  Hence the title of his brilliant second album, Heavy Is The Head, released in 2019 and in which the Londoner reflects on the flip side of success and on the responsibility that comes with such influence. Created from genre-embracing hip-hop – grime, R&B, forays into singing – Heavy Is the Head has taken its place at the top of the UK charts. That same year he was one of the headliners at Glastonbury. Growing up in South London, he has been thrown from one social extreme to another but hasn’t forgotten where he comes from and continues to fight for the social causes that are close to his heart. His unwavering commitment and determination can be seen on stage and on his third album, to be released this year.

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