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Stephen Hull Experience & Andrew Alli

From Wisconsin, 22-year-old Stephen Hull had no formal training, but at the age of 14, he picked up a guitar and started learning to play the blues.
Spotted by Bruce Iglauer, the legendary head of the Alligator label, Stephen began frequenting Chicago’s legendary stages with his band Stephen Hull Experience. As for influences, Stephen cites Albert King as his main one, along with BB King and Elmore James.

Joining him as a guest is a true revelation in the person of Andrew Alli! At 32, this singer and harmonica player from Richmond, Virginia, two years ago signed
a critically acclaimed debut album. His harmonica playing is masterful and accurate, his voice warm and expressive, his lyrics clever and often autobiographical, and his repertoire varied. Andrew is a true singer/songwriter!

Line up :
Stephen Hull – guitar / vocals
Andrew Alli – harmonica / vocals
Samuel Winterheimer – bass
Victor Reed – drums