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Graduate in communication design from the Art Center College of Design.
I never imagined becoming a DJ. It’s an art form that has come to me and touched me deeply. So I decided to make the most of it, and I hope people will make the most of it too.


Originally from Lausanne, Maora is a dynamic DJ whose captivating musical style radiates warmth and energy. A sensation on the music scene in 2022, she quickly caught the attention of audiences in French-speaking Switzerland before taking her talent across the border to France and Ibiza.
Maora’s performances offer an immersive musical journey where she skilfully juggles Afro and melodic techno, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.
Maora excels at forging a deep bond with her audience, creating unforgettable memories through the power of music.

Miel Pops (Daparec b2b Maximilian Sonne)

Miels Pops is the explosive encounter of two Swiss DJs with a passion for electronic music. Created by Nicolas, aka Daparec, and Sebastian, known by his stage name Maximilian Sonne, this musical partnership transcends genres to deliver unforgettable performances ranging from house to techno.

When Daparec and Maximilian Sonne join forces, they become Miels Pops, an explosive duo that pushes the boundaries of traditional electronic music. Their back-to-back sets are a sonic journey where each track is carefully selected to create an immersive and energising experience. Their musical alchemy and shared passion result in innovative and dynamic mixes, guaranteeing an electrifying atmosphere at every event.

Together, under the name Miels Pops, these two artists continue to rock the Swiss and international stages, carrying their audiences away in a whirlwind of captivating sounds and frenzied rhythms.

Daparec (Nicolas)

With decades of experience on the Swiss electronic music scene, Daparec is a key figure. His career has been marked by an unshakeable passion for music and a mastery of the turntable that enables him to captivate crowds at every performance. His ability to fuse different styles of house and melodic techno makes him a versatile and much-loved artist.

Maximilian Sonne (Sebastian)

Maximilian Sonne has been immersed in the world of electronic music for many years, thanks to his job which immerses him in this vibrant environment on a daily basis. His acute sense of melody and ability to handle complex rhythms give him a unique sonic signature that is felt in every one of his performances.

Several Definitions

Several Definitions is the name of a multitude of musical influences. A Swiss composer and producer, SD creates an energy with deep, sincere and vibrant melodic vibrations. Unable to be pigeonholed into a particular genre, the sounds of his music vary and manage to touch a range of emotions, travelling between joy, love and nostalgia. Complex, impulsive textures combine with different rhythms to generate a lively, stimulating and powerful synergy. Emotional stimulation at the intersection of space and time.

Sunday – 14 July
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