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So La Lune

Every summer, Montreux puts the spotlight on the new faces of French rap.  In previous editions, SCH, Laylow, Oboy or the two brothers of the group PNL shone on the Lab stage.  A convincing teaser of what’s going on in the streaming rankings today. As always, the Montreux rap night offers a preview of future headliners. From rookie to heavyweight, the handover will be done the right way. Khali will lead the way with his elusive timbre, followed by the phenomenon So La Lune whose voice reaches for the stars. Kerchak’s precision, the mysterious and uncompromising world of Werenoi and the inescapable flow of a new boss of the genre, SDM, will conclude the evening. It’s all about nodding your head and increasing the BPMs on the lakeside.