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There are very few artists who remain discreet and don’t reveal their whole life on social networks. Sean is one of them. To prepare this new mixtape, ‘Où est passé Zeudog?’, after four highly acclaimed EPs illustrated by refined clips, the rapper from the twentieth arrondissement of Paris cut himself off from the world: ‘This project,’ he says, ‘is a year and a half of work, of research and also of trying to find coherence in what I say.’

His career kicks off in 2019 with his EP, Mercutio. He is just 18 years old and borrows the name of Romeo’s best friend from the drama Romeo and Juliet, discovered through Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation. Sean’s music videos are already meticulous and full of references. Throughout these five tracks, his singular voice and the haunting tone of his rap are already a signature, his tormented and violent lyrics a promise. A year later, Sean showed a new side to himself, more cloud rap, more street, with À Moitié Loup, an album more in tune with the tempo of his generation, as evidenced by its featuring of Azuul Smith. Just as he was getting ready to roll out the rest of the album, the studio where he was working was broken into and ransacked, and the computers containing his latest tracks stolen. The rapper bounced back quicker than expected, publishing MP3 +Wav in 2020: ‘These were the demos that my producers and I had emailed to each other,’ he explains. The formats we couldn’t process and mix any more. Strangely enough, the record got a good reception.