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Ron Minis

Ron Minis is a multi-instrumentalist who invites you to dream and dance at the same time with virtuoso and rhythmic patterns. With his jazz trio, he moves between lyrical phrases and energetic rhythms. His songs are almost unsurpassable in their diversity. Ron Minis creates musical worlds full of emotions, seduces with gentle melodies on the piano, changes immediately into hammering staccatos and ends in spherical sound worlds without losing the tension of his songs.

It is not without reason that he is not impressed by genre boundaries, but in the same breath he also refers to “death jazz” or “metal jazz” as the home of his music. When he reaches for the electric guitar during the concerts and the transition to the distorted grand piano blurs via a second guitar amp, it becomes clear what he means. But the Middle Eastern culture of Israel or the influence of artists like Tigran Hamasyan make genre thoughts disappear again immediately….